The Great Benefits of Cloud-Based AI You Didn’t Know About

Artificial intelligence has indeed emerged in the past few years as a huge trend. AI is nowadays seen everywhere: digital assistants and smart gadgets are just some examples.

One particular field where AI is making a massive difference is indeed cloud computing. Most of us never realize that a unique combination of these two tech spheres is exactly what provides us with an array of most stunning intuitive experiences.

AI capabilities are rich and promising when it comes to the cloud. In fact, we have discussed some of the greatest advantages of using AI-powered bots in DevOps in this other blog post of ours.

If cloud computing is all about offering businesses a cost-efficient, agile, and flexible hosting environment, AI enhances this offer by simplifying manual IT tasks, looking for insights and patterns in data, optimizing workflows, and delivering unique customer experiences.

The evidence is all in stats. For instance, McKinsey’s recent study about the impact of artificial intelligence on value creation across a wide range of industries shows that AI could potentially create a staggering $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in value across nineteen business areas and over 400 use cases.

Another research conducted by Statista points out that the AI market will grow to over $89 billion per annum by 2025. What’s interesting is that a significant portion of this value will be occurring as AI powers the cloud, according to the market data.

So how exactly does a cloud-based artificial intelligence provides distinctive value to its users? 

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the greatest benefits AI has got to offer, which ultimately allows enterprises to spend less time managing their workloads, and more time focusing on their higher-value strategic activities.


It’s interesting to know that AI-native cloud ops have a unique capability of learning how certain processes are repaired by matching solution patterns with problem patterns. After the learning has been set, an algorithm takes place and processes are further automated to self-heal whenever a minor or major issue occurs. This automation helps your DevOps to tremendously save time that they usually spend to manually fix ongoing issues. 

The best part? As the artificial knowledge engine of cloud ops further progresses, it becomes more efficient and experienced over time.

Superior Decision-Making Processes

Our previous point leads to this one. AI analyzes data by learning its history and identifying any relevant patterns, among other processes. It then makes smart recommendations based on its findings. This process fully eliminates any possibility of human error.

Organizations benefit from these types of automation tools because they provide them with smart generated solutions individually suited for each of their customer based on insights and data. 


It’s true that among many other benefits, cloud-based AI provides businesses with automation tools meant to save time and costs. 

For instance, AI-powered agents can execute tasks like migration, maintenance, and system setup when appropriate. This not only saves enterprises time that could be otherwise spent on manually deploying these tasks but also costs associated with IT staff and other manual processes.

Customer Loyalty & Employee Engagement

Although there have been many discussions around the myth of AI replacing humans in work environments, the reality is that artificial intelligence rather replaces tasks. AI successfully substitutes manual repetitive and monotonous tasks with highly productive and efficient automated workflows.

An interesting research study by Gartner reveals that AI is becoming a job motivation this year. In other words, artificial intelligence is forecasted to be a driver of generating over 2.3M employment opportunities. 

What does this mean? Put simply, AI does not represent a threat of overtaking human jobs in customer service or other areas. Rather, it effectively reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks by automating them all. 

This way, the staff can direct their energy and efforts into other highly-demanding complex tasks that require human attention. Employees that use their skill set and talent where it’s needed most will become engaged and highly productive, which eventually leads to higher rates of customer retention.

Better Security

AI enhances a better defense of your data and applications on the cloud. It allows security operations to gain the knowledge of what exactly constitutes a cyber attack and further learn to exhibit proactivity and defend itself.


It’s evident: cloud computing and AI combined are a mighty force that is gradually transforming the way we do business at every single level. From efficient automation of the company’s key processes to smart data analysis, the possibilities of AI in the cloud are limitless. 

If implemented correctly, AI can significantly improve your company’s existing workloads. So, it’s a great idea to start exploring how cloud-based AI can help your enterprise to work more efficiently, capture the maximum value, and deliver the best experiences to your end-users.  

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