Serverless Computing: Is This The Future of Cloud Infrastructure?

Serverless is all about the re-engineering of public cloud services; with no provisions or servers to manage as its main attribute. And it doesn’t end there – the possibilities of serverless are infinite, as it’s now also being used for edge computing. Serverless cloud computing was first developed in 2015 as a framework for building […]

Why Data Centers are Still an Expense for Many Enterprises

Although the cloud computing industry is booming in 2020, data says many enterprises are still paying for their on-prem infrastructures. How come? According to Gartner, the year 2019 witnessed an estimated $3.7 trillion in IT spend, which consists of a 0.6% increase from the year before that. Cloud migration has become so indispensable, it is […]

COVID-19 and The Cloud: How to Optimize Your Expenses During The Pandemic

In 2020, businesses are more dependent on the cloud than ever before, and the pandemic is one reason why. The widespread force of COVID-19 this year has had a tremendous impact on businesses around the world. The pandemic has driven a large number of organizations to accelerate their cloud migration process. In fact, a recent […]

Optimize Your Cloud Cost: 4 Great Ways To Reduce Your Cloud Bill

Optimize Your Cloud Costs

Cloud waste happens when companies overspend on computing and storage. Unfortunately, in many cases, the staggering growth in cloud spending goes way beyond the actual growth of the business.  The past few years have seen significant growth in the cloud market. In fact, Gartner has recently published a study that forecasts the worldwide public cloud […]