The Big Deal With The Hybrid Cloud: What It Is & Why It Matters

It seems like everyone is raving about “going hybrid” these days. What exactly is the hybrid cloud, why it’s significant, and how would it work for your business – we explore below. A hybrid cloud is certainly a powerful computing environment because it supplies businesses with greater control over their data, among many other advantages. Put […]

DevOps Business Value & Benefits

DevOps Business Value & Benefits

In a world of technology-driven systems, the customer experience is king. Everyone wants businesses to deliver quick and reliable products that show results. Companies must consistently meet customer expectations if they are to unlock valuable possibilities and opportunities.  After reading the above, you are probably asking ‘how can I do this?’  The answer is DevOps.  […]

Serverless Computing: Is This The Future of Cloud Infrastructure?

Serverless is all about the re-engineering of public cloud services; with no provisions or servers to manage as its main attribute. And it doesn’t end there – the possibilities of serverless are infinite, as it’s now also being used for edge computing. Serverless cloud computing was first developed in 2015 as a framework for building […]

Why Data Centers are Still an Expense for Many Enterprises

Although the cloud computing industry is booming in 2020, data says many enterprises are still paying for their on-prem infrastructures. How come? According to Gartner, the year 2019 witnessed an estimated $3.7 trillion in IT spend, which consists of a 0.6% increase from the year before that. Cloud migration has become so indispensable, it is […]

Applying Automation In DevOps And Its Advantages

Automation In DevOps

Overview In this digital world, customers set high expectations for service performance, security, and reliability. Companies must find ways to innovate and respond efficiently to new market developments. This includes addressing the evolving needs of customers especially in terms of improving product features and resolving issues to speed up time to market. To achieve this, […]