Your Short Guide To Kubernetes on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Containers can help in software development in more than one way. And within your development environment, you always need to manage them properly to ensure there is no downtime obstructing your processes.  This is where platforms like Kubernetes have come, helping in automating deployment and management of containerized applications, as well as seamlessly scaling them.  […]

3 Things You Need To Know Before Going Cloud-Native

A world of the cloud

So you’re considering cloud-native adoption? Identifying your goals and objectives in this journey is crucial, or else you might risk throwing your resources away. It’s true to say that the last decade has been dominated by cloud computing. With a plethora of services and tools that keep rising in number every year, deploying data and […]

The Pros & Cons Of Adopting Kubernetes in 2021

Since open-sourced by Google, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to container orchestration, drawing us closer to an ideal DevOps world.  Enterprises are adopting Kubernetes to increase agility, shorten software delivery cycles, and accelerate digital transformations. They, of course, want to harness the full potential of Kubernetes but for a technology that is still relatively […]

3 Emerging Cloud Computing Trends You Should Watch Out For in 2021

2020 has been, without argument, a chaotic year so far. But despite the mayhem, the events of this year may have redefined predictions for 2021 in positive ways when it comes to cloud services. It’s fair to say that cloud computing represents the backbone of the vast app-based and data-driven technology ecosystem that we have […]

How Kubernetes is Changing the Face of the Cloud and Why This Matters

Since its introduction in 2015, Kubernetes became the ultimate replacement for proprietary VM managers. Otherwise known as Kube or k8, this open-source development is the next big thing in the cloud computing scene, and here’s why. It’s true to say that the cloud has become gigantic in the past decade. And it shows: corporations like […]