On-Prem Servers Vs. Cloud-Based: What Should You Choose?

Contrast: A Cloud and A Building

To move to the cloud or remain on-premises? That is certainly the key question that bothers many companies as they ponder on how to most efficiently manage their databases. With data becoming the very center of business operations, organizations are more closely focusing on how they choose to store, manage and process this key asset.  […]

The Big Deal With The Hybrid Cloud: What It Is & Why It Matters

It seems like everyone is raving about “going hybrid” these days. What exactly is the hybrid cloud, why it’s significant, and how would it work for your business – we explore below. A hybrid cloud is certainly a powerful computing environment because it supplies businesses with greater control over their data, among many other advantages. Put […]

The State Of Services In The Cloud For 2021 And Beyond

The State Of Services In The Cloud For 2021 And Beyond

Cloud computing is more than the delivery of servers, storage, software, and analytics over the Internet. Everything is a service that connects and combines with other services to serve a variety of application needs. Consider how a straightforward communication platform like Slack works. You fill out a web form and immediately receive Collaboration as a […]

Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Cloud Migration Process in 2021

Cloud technology is an integral part of the digital revolution that has a transformative impact on how we do business. Shifting to the cloud from an on-premises solution is a practical decision with numerous technical and business benefits. Most organizations have moved at least one service in the cloud, and the hybrid model is becoming […]

Hybrid Cloud Benefits: Good For Business?

Introduction Cloud computing has dynamically transformed the landscape of network environments in this competitive world. Businesses realize that the cloud is worth exploring as it provides security, flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. A few years ago, companies restricted their IT operations and information to private data centers. Today, virtual desktop technology and the growth of multiple […]