Your Small Guide To Security and Data Encryption For Cloud

Encrypted Data

In 2016, 68 million accounts of Dropbox users were compromised. The attacker took advantage of a poorly kept employee password to gain access to emails and passwords from exposed accounts that were created in 2012 and earlier.  The data was available on the dark web for sale until it was picked up by several tech […]

Security Dilemma: How Safe Is It To Move Your Sensitive Data to The Cloud?

It’s true that cloud adoption has a considerable impact on businesses in many positive ways. And yet, drawbacks are also present. The increased risk of cybersecurity threats during cloud migration is one of them. IT companies lean towards cloud migration partially because its environment is highly scalable, which contributes to improved customer satisfaction levels. However, […]

Data Security Concerns During Your Cloud Migration: 4 Things You Should Know

What are some of the top security considerations for companies to address during their cloud migration, and how exactly to mitigate them? Cybersecurity was always a concern for software-reliant businesses all over the globe. This truth is especially relevant today in cloud computing. After all, according to market estimates, the size of the global cloud […]