4 Must-Have Tech Solutions In 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of technological advancements in industries including healthcare, research, government agencies, and financial services. New products and service developments are helping individuals and enterprises adapt to the new normal. With fast change and progress, there are certain technologies you should implement to assist your business in 2021 and beyond.  […]

Top 3 AI Trends For 2021

Top 3 AI Trends For 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most useful technologies today as it shapes a new way of life. New jobs arise from AI innovation and we expect the platform to redefine how businesses operate. Practically every industry, including healthcare, education, finance, and digital signage, benefits from AI that promotes the use of Machine Learning […]

Data Security Concerns During Your Cloud Migration: 4 Things You Should Know

What are some of the top security considerations for companies to address during their cloud migration, and how exactly to mitigate them? Cybersecurity was always a concern for software-reliant businesses all over the globe. This truth is especially relevant today in cloud computing. After all, according to market estimates, the size of the global cloud […]

How Cloud Computing Supports The COVID-19 Response

Tackling COVID-19 With Technology The global COVID-19 pandemic has left us with no choice but to reinvent how we work, learn, and interact. We rely on technology to continue with our lives as governments all over the world implement social distancing and lockdowns. Everyone turns to the Internet and web tools to perform duties and […]

COVID-19 and The Cloud: How to Optimize Your Expenses During The Pandemic

In 2020, businesses are more dependent on the cloud than ever before, and the pandemic is one reason why. The widespread force of COVID-19 this year has had a tremendous impact on businesses around the world. The pandemic has driven a large number of organizations to accelerate their cloud migration process. In fact, a recent […]