What’s The Big Deal with Multi-Cloud Infrastructure?

In the past couple of years, multi-cloud adoption is becoming increasingly popular. So popular it seems, that even AWS has finally eased its ban on the use of the term last year. In a recent survey, Forrester found that a staggering 86 percent of selected IT decision-makers have confirmed utilizing a multi-cloud approach as the […]

How Cloud Analytics Works And Its Benefits

How Cloud Analytics Works And Its Benefits

Cloud computing, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), are redefining the way we interact with analytics platforms. What implications does this have for businesses, and how can you benefit? Did you know? According to Impact Networking, 46% of enterprises identified and created new products and revenue streams by […]

7 Great Benefits of Going Green With The Cloud

From reducing your energy use to improving workplace productivity, the advantages of sustainable cloud computing reach far beyond just decreasing your carbon footprints. Answer this: what impact does your business have on the environment?  It’s fair to say that the need for enterprises to be environmentally aware today is more crucial than it was ever […]

How Cloud Is Disrupting The Traditional IT Department

In recent years, cloud computing is gaining traction and drastically changing the way IT services are being procured, managed, and deployed.  According to Gartner’s study, more than $1 trillion in spendings in IT will be towards the cloud computing sector by the end of 2020. And that’s not surprising.  Dramatic growth in the adoption of drivers […]