If DevOps Bots Were Superheroes [Infographic 2021]

Have you ever wondered how AI-driven DevOps bots would look like if they had been superheroes? Yeah, that thought probably never crossed your mind. Well, here at Clouve we like to have a good time sometime. Which is why we’ve produced this fun little infographic below. It’ll guide you into the 3 types of DevOps […]

AWS vs GCP vs Azure: Comparing Scalability, Availability, and Monitoring Capabilities

Scalability and availability are arguably the two most essential buzzwords in the cloud market today. Both clients and providers diligently advocate for highly scalable and available platforms – emphasizing their significance in choosing the right service provider for you. The three major cloud providers have had runaway success because they have manipulated cloud resources to […]

Your Short Guide To PCI & HIPAA Compliance Offered By The Big 3

Your health and credit card information is the set of the most secured assets on the internet, protected by compliance laws in every major legislature. Two of the most popular of these are HIPAA and PCI DSS.   HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and regulates the processing, storage, and transmission […]

On-Prem Servers Vs. Cloud-Based: What Should You Choose?

Contrast: A Cloud and A Building

To move to the cloud or remain on-premises? That is certainly the key question that bothers many companies as they ponder on how to most efficiently manage their databases. With data becoming the very center of business operations, organizations are more closely focusing on how they choose to store, manage and process this key asset.  […]

Infrastructure As Code: What You Should Know

One of the “hottest” things in DevOps right now is Infrastructure as Code. What it is and how it works – we explore below. What Is IaC? Infrastructure as Code or IaC is simply put, all about treating your infrastructure like databases, servers, and networks the same way you’d treat your application mode.  Traditionally, managing […]