Everything You Need To Know About Serverless Computing In 2021

In 2021, the serverless paradigm shift presents exciting opportunities to organizations by providing a simplified programming model for creating cloud applications, and by abstracting away most operational concerns. Major cloud vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are already in the game with their respective offerings and there is no reason you shouldn’t board the […]

The Pros & Cons Of Adopting Kubernetes in 2021

Since open-sourced by Google, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to container orchestration, drawing us closer to an ideal DevOps world.  Enterprises are adopting Kubernetes to increase agility, shorten software delivery cycles, and accelerate digital transformations. They, of course, want to harness the full potential of Kubernetes but for a technology that is still relatively […]

Big Data And Cloud Computing For Business Success

Big Data And Cloud Computing For Business Success

Technology delivers the benefits of improved efficiency, productivity, innovation, streamlined operations, and centralized IT. What particularly modernizes infrastructure is the availability of Big Data from customer databases, transaction systems, real-time sensors, and social media. At the same time, the cloud transforms SMBs and enterprises with high performance, security, and managed services.  According to GlobeNewswire, data […]