3 Emerging Cloud Computing Trends You Should Watch Out For in 2021

2020 has been, without argument, a chaotic year so far. But despite the mayhem, the events of this year may have redefined predictions for 2021 in positive ways when it comes to cloud services. It’s fair to say that cloud computing represents the backbone of the vast app-based and data-driven technology ecosystem that we have […]

The Great Benefits of Cloud-Based AI You Didn’t Know About

Artificial intelligence has indeed emerged in the past few years as a huge trend. AI is nowadays seen everywhere: digital assistants and smart gadgets are just some examples. One particular field where AI is making a massive difference is indeed cloud computing. Most of us never realize that a unique combination of these two tech […]

5 Awesome Advantages of Using Bots in DevOps

With ongoing software development, utilizing automated deployment tools as a means of facilitating various processes, has become the new “trendy” norm. In current IT environments, teams are constantly looking for ways to solve various challenges that arise as the market grows.  It’s fair to say that each change in question needs to undergo tedious processes […]