News Announcement: Clouve Is Soon To Become Solution-Focused

That’s right. With the release of our newest application model by the end of this year, things are changing for the best.

Previously, Clouve offered Cloud IT support, consulting, and automation services via tickets sold to our clients based on a monthly subscription fee.

The focus in this service model was primarily on the tickets. The basic monthly plan included a fixed number of 5 tickets, while the more advanced plans offered 20, 35, and 40+. 

After going through a lot of customer feedback, we’ve realized this structure didn’t offer any flexibility at all. For many clients, purchasing 5 tickets when only one is needed to deploy a single solution was a wasteful investment.

Furthermore, we’ve noticed that many Clouve visitors were more engaged in playing around with an actual solution after its deployment, as opposed to filling the ticket form with long descriptions of what they needed.

And because Clouve is all about turning complex IT issues into elegant and efficient solutions that work for our clients, we knew we had to change our processes to adapt to these growing customer demands.

That’s when the new application release comes in. In this model, the main focus revolves around the offered solutions, as opposed to the tickets. Clients can purchase a single solution, while still being able to open tickets if they need to report an issue or request an additional service.

This structure provides our clients with greater flexibility in choosing only the solution that they need, along with the required support to keep it up – all offered as part of a single subscription.

How Are We Different From Our Competition

It’s simple. As opposed to many of our rivals that sell one-solution packages, we provide dedicated IT expert help and support with every single solution plan, completely free of charge. This means your tedious DevOps tasks will be taken care of as your chosen solution is being deployed, without additional costs to your budget.

These complimentary services include:

  • Data migration
  • Data backup/restore
  • Configuration of a dedicated domain name
  • Basic solution customization

In addition, one of the many advantages of hosting on Clouve’s infrastructure is its ability to auto-scale depending on the client’s needs.

What Does The Future Hold For Clouve?

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re planning to allow clients to deploy their own solutions to Clouve’s infrastructure sometime in the near future. 

We also intend to grow our offered solutions list to be able to accommodate clients’ growing needs. In addition to all that, we’re looking to expand the infrastructure to more geographical regions. 

Keep tuned in for more updates!