4 Reasons Why You Need A Solution-Focused Partner In Your Cloud Migration Journey

Many industry leaders agree on one thing today: moving to the cloud is no longer simply an alternative. It’s not a question of if, but rather of when. So how exactly do you plan for an effective cloud adoption? Having the right people and tools to help you in this journey might be the ultimate answer.

cloud consultants will provide you with solutions

Indeed, businesses generally fail their cloud migration for several reasons. For instance, in a survey of IT professionals, one of the main factors that contributed to a not-so-smooth cloud adoption was the lack of knowledge and understanding of advanced planning for such a move. 

Giant cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure consistently expand and enhance their service offerings. With such an array of options, the process of choosing the right architecture, service and model is also becoming complex. 

After all, cloud implementation is an enormous journey that requires hundreds of smaller puzzle pieces to work together before the final picture is envisioned. All these interdependencies have to be mapped in perfect timing to ensure business interruptions are avoided and all applications are successfully made cloud-ready.

And as a business, to create a comprehensive cloud implementation plan that would guide the company in this journey is virtually impossible without expertise and vast experience in this field.

That’s where solution-focused cloud consulting firms come into play.

The rapid growth and expansion of cloud services has led to a completely new sub-industry consisting of cloud experts that thrive to offer intelligent solutions to businesses moving into the cloud. 

These companies emerged for the main purpose of helping businesses attain maximum performance, security and availability through architecting their cloud infrastructures.

Cloud-strategy consulting firms are in high demand on the market, partially due to the steadily growing trend of various companies adopting the cloud. 

But do you need a solution-focused partner in your cloud migration plan? 

We explore 4 reasons why you probably do, below.

Reason 1: Superior Expertise

A robust cloud infrastructure is a crucial element in every software and data reliant business. 

And it’s always tempting to think that your current IT team might efficiently handle your company’s cloud computing needs without the involvement of external professionals. 

While it’s true that your IT department may certainly have the right expertise and knowledge to handle your on-prem needs, the same cannot be said for cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that requires advanced levels of knowledge and proficiency. And a cloud consulting partner can give you exactly that. 

These firms only specialize in providing you with efficient cloud solutions and support services, so you can rest assured that your cloud needs are fully taken care of.

For instance, one of your cloud partner’s many tasks is to regularly advise you about planning, engineering and cloud architecture. 

The expertise and experience consulting firms have in this area will offer your business with a distinctive competitive advantage. That’s because enterprises can avoid massive capital expenditures on their hardware by turning their infrastructure expenses into operational costs, making a positive cash-flow position a much sooner reality.

That might explain the massively increasing number of born-on-the-cloud startups these days.

Reason 2: Strengthened Data Security

It’s not surprising that one of the largest concerns about cloud computing is indeed data security. This is an often-discussed topic so we made sure to explore it in more depth in our recent blog post here

Data breaches, cyber attacks, insider threats – compromised user data can have a tremendously negative impact on any business. That’s when a consulting firm is especially helpful. Your cloud expert partners will work with you to ensure that all security patches to your applications are appropriately implemented. They understand the ins and outs of cloud-based data security as their specialty and will be your point of assistance and troubleshooting (as part of their services) if anything goes wrong. 

That’s because cloud consulting firms understand very well that maintaining the integrity of your data is of key importance for your business.

Reason 3: Reliable Client Support

The best solution-focused cloud consulting partner that you’ll find will always provide a highly efficient support system to take care of your cloud needs. This is a critical component of their service offering.

Take Clouve, for instance. With an all-round support system that includes assistance with migration from hosted infrastructures and selecting the right deployment architecture for your business, to monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance in your day-to-day tasks – we cover it all. 

Reason 4: Significant Savings

Another huge benefit that results from working with a specialized cloud expert is your ability to consistently optimize expenses. 

Let’s get back to Clouve for the sake of another example. We offer a convenient pay-as-you-go ticket system, meaning you only pay for the services that you need by purchasing ticket subscriptions, either monthly or annually, with no commitments or hidden clauses.

This allows you to significantly cut costs that could result in hiring additional IT employees for instance. With Clouve, you are guaranteed to have access to a team of cloud experts whenever you need us.


With several consulting firms ready to help you, it’s crucial to find the right fit. You need a solution-focused partner that will understand the connections between your business needs and your cloud goals, and align them if needed. 

A great cloud consulting firm will provide you with flexible and intelligent solutions, helping you thrive in the newest cloud computing environment that you’ll find yourself in.

Why Clouve?

Because our mission is all about harvesting the power of the cloud to solve complex IT problems both efficiently and effectively. 

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